Unity launcher shortcut for non-number assigned icons

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I really like the Unity launcher, specially the fact that I can easily switch to (or open) an application that I know with Super+[0-9] (instead of having to Alt+Tab for all the opened tabs until I spot my opened app).

After some time with the same fixed applications, one gets to remember perfectly which number corresponds to which app (1 for Files, 2 for the Browser, 3 for Terminal, etc) and it makes me feel like a ninja when I switch between them.

The fact is that now, having used the 10 default slots (from number 0-9) I would for instance like to have letters assigned to the rest of icons (the ones with no number assigned):

Unity launcher shortcut for non-number assigned icons

I was just wondering whether it is possible, and if so where can I find some documentation or some guidelines (I couldn't find anything so far).

Thanks very much in advance.

PS: sorry for the bad quality photo; I tried to take a screenshot but the numbers did not appeared while I cropped the area pressing the Super key.



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