How to remove a number from 'Recents' on iPhone, rather deleting all?

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Since many days I am trying to achieve this, but I can only delete/ clear all recent dial, received phone numbers.

Is there an option/ hack to delete only one number at a time on my iPhone ?

I have iPhone 3GS



You will have to wait for iOS 5 to be able to do what you are asking. I'm running iOS 5 and I'm able to do this without a jailbreak. How to remove a number from 'Recents' on iPhone, rather deleting all?

If your iPhone is jailbroken you can install the package Ixtension (it's $9.99 from the BigBossRepo)

Disclaimer: I'm in now way affiliated with the developers.

Go to 'recents' on phone. Tap 'edit' in top right hand corner of screen. You will then have like no entry sign type symbol at the left of each number in recents. Tap the no entry sign by the number you wish to delete, a box will appear to the right of that number asking you if you wish to delete it, then type delete.

I doubt iOS allows you to enumerate recent calls through standard iOS apps. I would suspect that through jail-breaking you could make an app yourself that could do it. Other than that, I doubt it's possible at all.

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